What "Quality" means to us


I believe that the word "Quality" is over saturated. Sure there are other synonyms people can use instead of the word quality, but why beat around the bush? Just say it, but I want to explain what Quality means to this lab and how we bring this word to life with the products that we create. 

All of our die trimming is done under a 10x20 power microscope. All our our sealed margins are done under a 10x microscope. All of our metal finishers use a 10x microscope to do their work. The finalization of our margins in the porcelain department are done under a 10x microscope as well. Each and every case is a person. We treat it with extreme care to provide you and our patient with an outstanding outcome. 

In the application of porcelain, we make sure we understand your expectations and we work to exceed them. We make sure all contacts and occlusions are done precisely the way you want, so your crowns seat perfectly in a matter of minutes every single time. Nothing less than perfection while striving for excellence is our goal. 


David Geffre