I.T.D.L’s orthodontic department is full service and our technicians have over 80 years’ experience in the fabrication of orthodontic appliances, retainers, and splints. When you have a complex case, our staff is available to help assist you with case consultation and custom appliance fabrication.

We Do Digital

The development and integration of digital technology has entered into the field of orthodontics. Digital orthodontics simplifies workflow by reducing your chair-time and improves patient satisfaction. With 3D imaging, doctors can scan their patient’s mouth with an intraoral scanner, reducing the need for traditional impressions. With this scan, we will print a digital model that we can make practically any appliance off of.

Removable Appliance: are Orthodontic devices that are made from acrylic and wires that use clasps on the teeth and can be removed from the mouth by the patient. I.T.D.L makes over 100+ removable appliances.

Fixed Appliance: are Orthodontic devices where brackets, wire, and screws are fixed to the teeth and the arch wires or screws move the teeth. I.T.D.L also makes over 100+ fixed appliances.

Need a custom designed appliance? Give us a call and we will try to make it happen!

Cephalometric Services

Case Consultation Service

As part of the diagnostic records package, we also offer a case consultation service. This consists of a written plan which not only describes the characteristics of a particular case, but also contains a specific month-to-month treatment plan. The main objective for these written plans is to point out potential problems that could be encountered when treating the case as well as specific mechanics solutions to those problems. In these written plans many general orthodontic principles are discussed. These principles can often be applied to other cases; so these consults are valuable for general orthodontic education as well as for help with the specific case that is being discussed.